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Dodoma Jiji needs to regroup during the break

December 10, 2021

After a disappointing 2-0 defeat to Mbeya City, Dodoma Jiji will have to regroup and try to find their fine form again.

On Monday 06 December, Dodoma Jiji visited Mbeya City, and they played in the most difficult conditions. 

Usually, Dodoma is good when it comes to game management, but on Monday, they failed to perform at their best. Things were not working out when attacking, and defensively there was a lack of concentration. The two goals they conceded came minutes before the first-half break and late in the second half; those are horrible times to concede. Dodoma gave it their all, but they fell short. Mbeya City gave them the reality check they needed.

The debutants in the Tanzanian Premier League season started like a house on fire, playing captivating football and competing with the big teams. But Dodoma has gone three games without a win, which is a reason for concern; the sudden dip in form was not expected.

DJFC are still in good standings on the log at fifth place with 12 points from eight matches. This is where they would rather be on the table than being down in the relegation places, where many expected them to be.

Dodoma head coach Mbawana Makata has managed to galvanize his team, using the majority of the players he was promoted with to the first division. He has shown great leadership and will now have to devise a plan to help the players who have been struggling.

Makata will have a full week to work with the players as they are not playing until next week Friday. This break is a blessing for Makata and his coaching; this is a rare opportunity in the top flight. The demanding schedule makes it difficult for the coach to have work with players.

One factor that needs major intervention is the attack; goals for Dodoma have not been coming this season. They have only scored five goals this season. That is something they’ll have to improve on immensely if they are to continue soaring in the league. A good goal difference can be a deciding factor for the final league positions at the end of the season.

With the club having struck a partnership with 10bet Africa, they will have the means to go out in the transfer market in January and try to buy strikers who will improve the team and, most importantly score goals. Additions in midfield will also be needed.

In Monday’s match against Mbeya City, the midfield struggled to link with the forwards and did not have much creative spark to provide clear opportunities. The defence has been the team’s backbone this season; they have only let in five goals.

Dodoma has three games left in December before the turn of the year, and they will want to see them through with good results and go to the January transfer window and make signings.
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