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Dodoma puts up a good fight against Yanga

10 January, 2022

Sometimes in football, there is honour in defeat. Dodoma Jiji faced Yanga, one of the best teams in the Tanzanian Premier League, on Friday 31 December 2021. 

Despite their 4-0 defeat, Dodoma must pat themselves on the back for their good performance to the Young Africans. Yanga is on top of the league with 29 points and is undefeated in 11 games.

Dodoma made it a tough match even though the final score says otherwise. Dodoma kept things tight until the stroke of half-time, where they conceded right before the break when Yanga broke their defence and that destroyed the spirit of the team. The second goal came 10 minutes into the second half, and then the third on the half-hour mark, and the last one came in stoppage time.

Even when the game was long gone from their grasp, Dodoma kept on fighting, playing to the coach’s instructions. Dodoma put up a good fight, and they should be applauded for how they took on the Goliath that is Yanga.

Now Dodoma must dust themselves off, put the loss behind them, and focus on the season ahead. They should not dwell on the defeat, losses are part of football, and no team is immune to the defeat.

Dodoma is afforded a rest week, which is ideal following the heavy week they had. Now they got to spend with their family and had a few rest days to recover and reflect on how the season has been.

The season for Dodoma has been good; they are in sixth place on the log with 16; in 11 games played, they have won four, drawn four and lost three. Their record is respectable, and they should be proud of the fact that they are in the top six of the league.

They are definitely in contention for places in the CAF Confederation Cup. With how the season has proceeded, qualifying for an African competition should be on their radar; they should aim for it. Fans and their commercial partner 10bet Africa have been beaming about the team’s progress this season, and a place in the CAF Confed Cup will take them to cloud nine.

Dodoma will return to the field of play to resume their campaign on Saturday, 15 January, when they take on Geita Gold at home. The fixture will be in front of their passionate supporters, and Dodoma will want to wipe their tears with a win.

For now, they have to prepare for the match properly and go with a fresh mind and attitude.

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