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Dodoma set their eyes on Mbeya

December 2, 2021

Dodoma takes on Mbeya as they seek to renew their winning streak. Dodoma Jiji will travel to Mbeya City on Monday, 6 December, for their matchday seven fixture in the Tanzanian Premier League.

This game will be the match to watch, as both teams have started the 2021/2022 season relatively well. Dodoma is in third place on the table, behind Young Africans and Simba, who are first and second, respectively.

Mbwana Makata’s side has been the surprise package in the league so far, doing better than most had anticipated. Many would expect a team campaigning in the top tier division to struggle in its second season, but that has not been the case with Dodoma.

They have managed to garner a positive start, laying a good foundation in their bid to keep their league status and stay away from the relegation battle.

In their opening seven games, the side from the capital city emerged with three wins, three draws and one defeat, adding up to 12 points and a seat at the table with the league’s big hitters.

Recently their form has taken a bit of a dip. Two consecutive draws against Biashara and Coastal Union saw them drop four massive points.

Yes, every point is valuable, but Dodoma must be kicking themselves for those four they did not close, especially when you consider their confidence going into those two games. They had secured two wins in a row against Tanzania Prisons and Mtibwa Sugar.

On Monday, they will want to return to their winning ways and continue their spectacular start to the season. After two games at home, maybe a trip away is something the team needs to return their fortunes. They will also hope something gives when it comes to goal scoring.

This season the 10bet sponsored Dodoma only scored more than two goals in one game in their win over Tanzania Prisons. However, they will have to be more adventurous and clinical when they enter the final third when squaring off with Mbeya.

On the other hand, Mbeya is a place below Dodoma and, on one point, behind them as they have 11. Mbeya has been the draw kings this season. They have drawn five of their seven matches, which is problematic for them. What this means is that they fail to see off games.

Mbeya’s reputation creates the perception of a ‘high risk and high reward team”. They are not a team that will sit back and absorb pressure and hit on the counter-attack like Dodoma. Instead, they prefer to take the game to the opponent. Their approach has seen them score nine goals and concede six this season. In their last match, they played out to an entertaining 2-2 draw with KMC.

Based on the teams current performance, we are likely to see a high-paced, tactical game with two very different styles. The most feasible outcome for this match is a 2-2 draw, which will work for Dodoma as they will have gained a point away from home.