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Doxa Gikanji the DCMP legend

10 January 2022

DCMP midfielder Doxa Gikanji continues to boss things in the middle of the park well into his 30’s, which shows his true talent. 

Gikanji is still a key player in the DCMP setup, dictating how the team plays when transitioning to attack and being robust when tackling. He’s the complete team player – one that every coach wants to have and the opposition hates playing against.

His growth over the years has seen him grow into one of the best midfielders the DRC has ever produced. Gikanji prefers to play the role of a number six, playing in the centre and controlling the game. He can also play as a defensive midfielder, box to box midfielder and attacking midfielder, providing the flexibility to play according to the needs of the team. 

In 2009 DCMP fans were introduced to a young Gikanji, who made his debut for Les Immacules in the Linafoot as a 19-year-old. Making your debut in a tough league like the Linafoot and for an illustrious club-like DCMP speaks volumes about his talent.

After two seasons at DCMP, in 2011, Gikanji was acquired by DC Virunga, moving him away from his beloved DCMP. Virunga Gikanji continued to shine at DC and played well for the team.

In 2013 he returned to his beloved DCMP to familiar surroundings and closer to his family. The move proved to be vital and helped develop Gikanji’s game to a whole new level. He dominated the league, being one of the best players in the country.

During his time with DCMP, he made his debut for the national side. To date, Gikanji has gone on to play over 11 matches for DRC; representing his national team is his proudest moment.

After five years with DCMP, the time came for Gikanji to move. The biggest team in Congo came calling in 2018, luring him with the promise of titles and CAF Champions League football. Leaving the club that was dear to his heart was difficult for Gikanji.

He only spent one season in Lubumbashi with TP Mazembe, and then in 2019, he returned to DCMP, where he was welcomed with open arms. The love Gikanji has for DCMP has earned him legendary status. He has ingrained his name in the club’s long history, adored by fans and all who follow DCMP.

Now 31, Gikanji is no longer a youngster but a veteran, not because of his age but experience. He’ll have to use his experience in this campaign to help DCMP do well in the league.

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